Jay Z Joins the NFL

Roberto Sandoval, Author

On August 13, the NFL announced that one of the most successful rappers known as Jay Z is now in partnership with them. His company, Roc Nation, led and founded by him, is said to be in charge to help select new artists for upcoming NFL performances, one of those involving the Superbowl. 

Jay Z has a lot of responsibility and a significant role in the NFL. What exactly is his purpose? He is helping organize one of the most-watched and popular concerts. The Roc Nation company is cooperating with the halftime show in the Superbowl. The NFL recently came up with an idea known as their  “Inspire Change” platform. It is a platform to create positive change in the communities with the help of different players owners and the league. 

Jay Z ́s intentions in cooperating with the NFL are ethical. Jay Z stated, This partnership is an opportunity to strengthen the fabric of communities across America.”

To get a better understanding of how people feel about the subject, we interviewed multiple people interested in football. Joel Rodriguez (11th grader) who plays as a safety in the varsity football team for Anaheim High School said, “I feel as if he is going to be biased to some artists, but he is going to have an impact on the black artists since last year Travis Scott was one of the few African American performers.” 

Another question was if people thought Jay Z was going to have success in the organization of the NFL performances. Fabian Gutierrez who is also and 11th grader and quarterback for our varsity team commented, “Yeah he can, but he needs to have the resources needed to make it successful, also a lot of money included in making the halftime show.” 

People outside of the school were also interviewed. We wanted to know if people were looking forward to seeing what Jay Z and the NFL have planned coming to their audience. Adam Hernandez, an 11th-grade student attending Fullerton High School said, “I do because he is a music artist, and I feel as if he will have enough creativity to please the audience.”