Thank You Mr. Pettigrew


Gabriela Gonzalez, Reporter

Dear Mr. Pettigrew,

As the school year comes to an end I would like to thank you for being an amazing teacher.  Ceramics has been a fun class to go to the entire school year. You have shown us how to reuse clay and to make many different projects. From a simple pinch pot to a bust which took almost two weeks to complete. You have even shared your taste in music with us so that the classroom was not awkwardly silent. Somehow you were able to put up with us even when we got a little lazy in class. You make such an appreciated effort to ensure that your students receive the credit necessary to pass. All the extra credit opportunities you provide your students give all of us a chance to make up for lost credit. Thank you so much for saying “toodles noodles” as we leave the classroom each day. Those two words cheer me up as I head to my next class.


Gabriela Gonzalez