Multiple Candidates, One Walk

Sahar Alfatlawi , Public Relations

On August 25, 2018, Al Jabbar and Juan Alvarez, two of the many candidates running for Anaheim Union High School District and the Anaheim Elementary School District Board, decided to host a volunteer super-walk for education. Walking door to door with parents, students, and supporters to share their views with Anaheim residents.  


As a school board member, Al Jabbar expressed his thoughts on teachers having to constantly fundraise,“Although this is something the public knows, it’s not highlighted.” As a board member, he has helped bring resources to schools with help from the community and organizations. The state only gives a certain amount of money to schools and the schools have to divvy up the funds to where they see fit. Unfortunately, it’s not enough.


Juan Alvarez shared that his biggest concern about education is the idea of “schools being privatized by corporations that are trying to overtake them for profit.” Alvarez does not believe that charter schools are needed to support our schools or children. He believes the community can come together to figure out what resources they need and how they can be acquired.


Many students and parents are in favor of Al Jabbar and Alvarez’s claims. Student Fernando Otero is a huge supporter and hopes that by volunteering, he can help spread their message and communicate with different age groups about the importance of education. Eric Tenorio, a teacher at Anaheim High School, believes that education is an equalizer and with more resources, support, and more people believing in it, they can make a change emphasizing that: “it begins with our youth and that’s what education is.”