AHS Blood Drive: Saving Lives, One Student at a Time


Students participate in biannual blood drive at AHS Photo: Kimberly Can

Kimberly Can, Reporter

On the 12th of December Anaheim High Schools’ NJROTC program held their biannual blood drive.

This year, the drive was organized by two members of the program, Giselle Aguilar and Stephanie Salas. The reason Aguilar organized it is because it allows the students to give back and help others. She says, “They were able to come to us and be here right on campus rather than us go to them which benefits many students due to transportation.” When students were asked if they would still donate without the Red Cross coming to their school most of them said it was likely that they wouldn’t. There’s a greater outcome when they are available on campus.

Aguilar continued with, “all the students that donated were able to help three [people], whether they’re youth or adults and get them home for Christmas.”

Every 2 seconds someone in the U.S needs blood and recently there has been an urgent need for blood. JROTC has been inviting the Red Cross to campus for the past 10 years and will continue to do so because, like Aguilar said, “ It allows us, students, to give back.” This is another way for students to appreciate and give back to their communities.