Marvel Releases New Captain Marvel Trailer

On December 3rd, Marvel released a new Captain Marvel trailer. Within an hour of its release, it received half a million views on YouTube. To many, the trailer was expected to  be “better than the first trailer.” All the backlash from the past now turned to excitement and thrill.

Two months ago, Marvel Studios released a trailer for their new film Captain Marvel, which is scheduled to come out on March 8th, 2019. Much backlash was expressed regarding the new film; people stated “I’m not excited about Marvel anymore,” and “This was disappointing.”

The trailer features Captain Marvel fighting with an old lady, now known to be a Skrull, from the previous trailer. This time, the lady fights back! Many fans were surprised, yet satisfied that she fought back as their confirming speculation that she might be a Skrull, a shapeshifting alien race, led by their leader Talos- which are enemies of Krees(Captain Marvels race), a race of “noble warrior heroes,” according to Captain Marvel.

The new release also raises questions about the origin of Captain Marvel. She was found clueless and powerless in an unknown place, where “her life began, where it nearly ended” as stated by Annette Bening’s character, which was a new introduction in the trailer. Captain Marvel, with no memory, is just a “rebirth,”- who not only has to deal with the Skrulls but also with finding her origins and the mystery of her past.