Climate Change, Our new normal

Climate Change, Our new normal

Sahar Alfatlawi, Editor in chief

The Earth’s climate is significantly changing but some refuse to believe it. Climate change is being treated as a belief rather than a fact.  This has led young people to have multiple concerns with the course our nation has taken in addressing it. Therefore, Anaheim Exclusivo has taken it upon themselves to add a NEW category dedicated to the urgency of climate change and global warming. 

Our staff plans to educate our students on the impact of global warming and encourage change throughout the community.  However, for those who don’t know the basics of climate change, here is an outline! 

Climate change is the change in our climate patterns because of the increased levels of carbon dioxide. While some individuals believe that it’s just another phase in our environment and will pass along soon, evidence has pointed out otherwise. Human activity is the main cause of the change in climate because of the billions of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases released into our atmosphere every year. 

More in-depth articles regarding climate change and its connection to our health, economy, and movements will be released however, we will also be posting articles on everyday steps that can be taken to help reduce the negative impact we are leaving on our world.




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