Top 5 vegan restaurants in OC


Miranda Garcia, Author

Being vegan in 2022 does not just consist of boring salads. Now fast food is very much popular and more accessible to the public. Orange County has expanded veganism to the max, from hamburgers to fancy cuisines. There is still more to come, but vegans now can enjoy food just like anyone else. Here are some places where you can enjoy a quick bite.

  1. Nice guys 

First-ever vegan charbroiled grilled hamburgers in OC. Suppose you are craving an all-American typical hamburger with a side of fries and soda; this is the perfect place. Their menu varies from typical hamburgers to vegan fish filet hamburgers; they offer chicken tenders, nuggets, and animal-style fries or tater tots if preferable. The best sauce to get here is the honey mustard; dip your chicken tenders! Once you’re done eating, taste their vegan ice cream for dessert. 

Operation hours: Depending on the location, they have three locations; Stanton, Santa Ana, and Costa Mesa. Check hours of operation! 

  1. Loving Hut 

If you are craving a mix of Asian cuisine, check out Loving Hut. Loving Hut is an international chain. Their food is delicious. Their best-selling food is the Vietnamese dish called pho. Alongside fried rice! Make sure to try their fish tacos too. There Chow Mein is exquisite, all 100% vegan. They have so much to choose from. Alfenive Jaramillo says, “Apart from the food being delicious, the restaurant set up and the way they served water was cool and interesting. The customer service was excellent, really! Really nice server!” 

Near Locations: Garden Grove, Orange

  1. Chicana Vegana

Chicana is a family-owned/operated business, also being women-owned! Their dishes are Cali-inspired. Burritos, hamburgers, tacos, they have a famous “ tres leches cake.” They offer a variety of Aguas Frescas, but their most popular one is their Horchata agua. A place you should try if you are in the mood for some burrito! Chicana is a small business and only has one location. It is located in Downtown Fullerton; it has a nice ambiance. 

Operating Hours: Mon: Closed Tues-Sat: 12pm-8pm Sun:12pm-7pm

  1. Munchies Diner

Munchies is a family-owned business! Its location is 4th street in Santa Ana. Its ambiance is very nice. The seating is very spacious. It advertises itself as “vegan munchies, milkshakes, & craft beer.” Munchies offers a variety of dishes such as tacos, hamburgers, burritos, nachos, and cauliflower buffalo wings! They offer a breakfast service with an option of a VcMuffin just like the one from Mcdonald’s, only that this one is 100% vegan! I recommend the street tacos with the choice of protein to be Asada. Munchies VcFlurry is a great choice of dessert! It reminds me of the old days when I would go to Mcdonald’s and order a McFlurry. They have many milkshake options; you can dip your fries! If you’re into that sort of thing. 

Hours of operation: Mon-Thurs: 12pm-10pm, Friday:12pm-12am, Saturday:10am-12am, Sunday:10am-10pm

Perfect for a late-night date!

  1. La Vegana Mexicana

If you are craving a touch of your Mexican roots, this is the spot for you! La Vegana Mexicana is a spot of authentic Mexican food. From tamales to tostadas. Their famous Pambazo is to die for! As quoted on their website there, Pambazo is a “ Mexico City-style sandwich similar to a bolillo bread, dipped in guajillo chili salsa and lightly fried, stuffed with “chorizo” and potato, shredded lettuce, “crema,” salsa verde, and “cotija.” Their famous horchata is also a must! If you haven’t had Arroz con Leche since going vegan this is the place to go. Their vegan Arroz con Leche reminds you of your childhood. La vegana Mexicana is close to Munchies Diner; both are on 4th street! 

Operating Hours: Tuesday-Sunday: 12 pm-7 pm