Handling Stress


Esmeralda Lopez

Stress is what most high school students experience. As the school year ends, most students experience more stress. With juniors currently SBACC testing and AP exams approaching, we must handle the amount of stress we feel. Seniors approach graduation as the next chapter in their life. 

A simple school day can be stressful full of projects, essays, and tests. Many people deal with stress every day. Stress is caused by work, family issues, health concerns, and financial problems. I’ve found a few helpful links that can help handle stress better and help relieve it.

We can release stress by doing physical activities such as going for a run, a long walk, enjoying nature, listening to the birds chirping, listening to music, and going for a hike or a bike ride. Try to distract yourself from what may be the source of your stress. According to Jasmin Mendez, a current junior, she releases stress by sleeping and eating. She also mentions, “ I also like to listen to music when doing homework because it makes it more enjoyable and doesn’t make me stressed.” But she specifies that only calming music that doesn’t have words, or she isn’t able to learn the material. She also said, “ I also like to spend time with my little baby sister and play with her, and take walks, and write down my thoughts in a journal.” Like other things, she does this not to be as stressed.

This Is Your Skin on Stress - The New York TimesThe amount of stress can rely on getting enough sleep and eating well. Eating and sleeping well are essential. Music is known to be something most people are used to doing to release stress. Vanessa Perez is a current junior at Troy high school; when asked how she releases tension, she said, “I listen to music and tune everyone out. ” These are just a few ways people release stress down below. I have included a few helpful links with ways to help, especially with testing around the corner.