Biggest Issues Women Face Today


Women strike for their rights. (Women´s History Month)

Baneliz Sanchez, Author

In our society, women form a big part of our lives with their accomplishments in education, business, and many more. Yet, women still face many significant issues in the modern world.

Domestic Abuse 

According to the World Health Organization, about 1 in 3 women suffer from physical and/or sexual violence by an immediate partner or family member. This is a big issue that women face every day. About 1.3 million women are assaulted by their partners each year, which seriously impacts a woman’s health. The leading cause of domestic abuse is the partner’s family’s history, the male controlling behaviors, or the inability to communicate with their partners. It has become more likely for domestic violence to occur/increase during a pregnancy which places the woman and her baby’s life in danger. Cynthia Sanchez, a senior at Anaheim High School, shares, “It’s not the way people should handle a situation, and at the end of the day, violence isn’t the answer. It’s terrifying, and it can even result in them getting beaten to death.” If you are or know someone suffering from domestic abuse, call The National Domestic Violence Hotline.

Reproductive Rights 

The most controversial issue worldwide has impacted the way women are treated. Why? Many women are judged based on their reproductive rights, becoming one of the most controversial issues in society for decades. In the Supreme Court case, Roe v. Wade, the holding held that the Constitution of the United States protects women’s liberty to choose to have an abortion or not. Despite women’s right to an abortion, many women still face obstacles to abortion with abuse inflicted by a partner who is against their decision resulting in domestic abuse. Jessica Saldivar, a senior at Anaheim High, says, “Women have the right to do whatever they want no matter their religion or anything because it’s their body at the end of the day.”  

Gender Equality 

There is a lack of equality when it comes to women and girls such as not having the same opportunities as men in education, the workforce, media, and politics. Many women aren’t offered a higher position in politics because they are women. For example, most nations have had a female president, but the United States has not. Not only that but back in 1920, the 19th Amendment granted the right for women to vote after many years when only white men that owned land could vote. According to Global Citizen, Women only earn one-tenth of the world’s income despite working more hours than men. Monica Saldivar, a senior at Anaheim High School, shares, “ Some women, put in more work and don’t get recognized because they get looked down on just for being women. It’s a big problem, and I believe the next generations will help fight for gender equality.” If women were to earn more money, they would most likely give back to their communities and families. Many women continue to fight for gender equality worldwide for themselves and future generations. 

Women continue to fight to make a difference in their lives and help future generations by coming together as a community to fight for justice to have a better future for women/girls, so they do not have to face these challenges every day.