Why you shouldn’t buy from Shein

Miranda Garcia, Author

Fast fashion is the category Shein is in. As much as we like a good deal, do we really know why it’s so cheap? Consumers like the idea of fast shipping and good deals—especially teens when money is the only thing stopping them from a new wardrobe. Shein for them has become a heaven of new clothes and accessories. However, there is a lack of information from part of Shein to the consumers. 

Do you know the real reason Shein prices are so low? Shein pays its workers meager wages. The necessity of these people allows them to be mistreated. The need is so significant that even kids as young as eight years old work in these factories. That’s not the only wrong thing with Shein. Its cheap fabric has also had a very negative impact on the environment. The quality of the clothes is often not durable. This may result in a non-long-lasting lifespan of the clothes, which will result in landfill pollution, contributing to climate change. To add to the problem, it’s a common practice in Shein to do textile dyeing, which is the second largest river polluter. 

Shien has had many controversies. It is worldwide known that Shein steals art from small artists that don’t have a voice. The platform TikTok has exposed many of their plagiarism acts. Another controversy that TikTok revealed was their swastika necklace priced at $2.50. Swastikas are Nazi symbols known worldwide. Why would Shein make a product like this when they know the background of this symbol?

Misinformed teens such as Crystal Ruano, an 11th grader, didn’t know fast fashion. As I asked her what she thought about the Shein allegations of low wages for the workers, she expressed that she felt it was unfair that this still happened to this day. I asked her opinion about people buying from Shein, and her response was, “People should start buying from small businesses instead of buying from a mass corporation that only hurts our environment.” Crystal expressed that she will never buy from Shein again after educating herself. 

Shein will never change, but we can with the choices we make. There are always other options; buying from a small business is also good. Fast fashion will never be okay!