Dr. McAdams: Making History At Anaheim High School


Elias Gonzalez, Author

Black History Month is a significant month for African-Americans. It’s a month that recognizes their culture, people, and blood. It demonstrates who they are as a group of people and their traditions. It reminds us of their contributions to American history. Anaheim High School might be in the making of some of this history. Dr. McAdams may be the first African-American to be an Assistant Principal at Anaheim High School. AE News investigated the yearbooks from 1916 to 2021 and found no records of another African-American Assistant Principal. However, we must clarify that the department of human resources from the district cannot confirm this information because the job applications never mention race. 



When asked about any types of racism faced throughout her life, Dr. McAdams stated that she met different levels of microaggression. “I felt the need to do much more than other students,” she says. The way that  Dr. McAdams was raised helps her in the way that she perceives people today. “The way I was raised had to be totally accepting of all, ” she states. When asked about experiences in education about whites or blacks, she says, “I do feel like there is more access for those who are not of color,” she told AE News. When asked about specific achievements in her life that inspired Dr. McAdams, she told us, “I am the first individual in my immediate family to earn a doctorate degree, and there are not many African-Americans that have earned to that level,” she told us happily. Dr. McAdams said to us that she is very content with her life at the moment, “I am proud of who I have become through many adversities. I love my work and supporting students”, she told us. McAdams said a significant thing, “Even now, being in the district tier as the only black female assistant principal, that is different, and not having another person in my tier group that doesn’t look like me.”Dr. McAdams believes that there needs to be more representation between students; she states, “I’m happy to mentor and help students with leadership.” When asked about the Black Lives Matter protests of 2020, Dr. McAdams says, “There was a lot of hurt there; it was very difficult, especially being in the area where there are a lot of black people.” Dr. McAdams considers herself a black leader in the education system; she admires the ambition of other black leaders, there is a lot of respect for them.

Many people like Dr.McAdams have their own history to share with the world. This is very important and unique because the rest of the society should get to know the history of their lives, and learn about their traditions and culture. As February continues going forward, we continue to see many events and celebrations around the City of Anaheim and Orange County to honor Black History Month.