Who can Get a Booster Shot and When Should They Get It?

Alieska Ruiz

It is essential that many of us know that there is a highly contagious surge of a new variant; omicron continues the spread of COVID. There is still a high risk of infection for those not vaccinated. 

Who can get a booster shot, and when should they get it?

The CDC recommends everyone over the age of 12, and older get a booster dose. 

From ages 12-17, only Pfizer is given. Getting the booster shot five months after the second dose series is recommended. 

If you are 18 or older, you can choose between Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson for your booster shot. If your initial vaccine was Pfizer or Moderna, getting the booster shot five months after the second dose series is recommended. If your initial vaccine was Johnson and Johnson, getting the booster shot two months after the first dose is recommended.

COVID booster vaccines are available for ages 12 and up. (gettyimages)

Not only does the CDC recommend getting a booster shot, but they have also approved for children over the age of 5-11 to get a COVID vaccine. The CDC has only approved Pfizer for children of ages 5-11. 

Although we may be vaccinated, it is still important to continue following the CDC procedures. Especially now, with the rise of different variants, it is important to keep the community healthy and safe.