Various Anaheim Pages Roaming Around, Trending

Elias Gonzalez, Author

A prevalent trend, which consists of people setting up Instagram accounts for their school, such as “Bad Parking,” “Nap Time,” or “People Eating,” started to spread around Tik Tok, from different schools around the United States. This strange trend made its way to Anaheim High School, where various pages have been set up and are roaming around the internet, full of pictures of different students. Students are exposed to these pages’ worst moments or most private moments because they are caught off guard when their photographs are taken. 

Anaheim student Ruben Halmajan, a senior, states that he feels comfortable coming to school amid this strange trend. He says, “I feel comfortable showing up to school, getting ready to show up. I have fun.” He does not fear getting caught off guard with the pages. He continues,  “These pages make the day more exciting. I don’t; mind getting caught off guard. They serve as memories” Another Anaheim student, Ramon Bracamontes, thinks this trend will eventually die down. He states, “Most likely not, especially since most trends die down, that’s just my opinion.” He also says that this trend does not impact how someone learns at school. He mentions, “unless it is harmful, no because most trends that I have seen are harmless. 

Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons

Anaheim Assistant Principal Mr. Calleros knows well what is going on with the trend. He states, “Several staff members have brought them to our attention; all information that I receive is from staff members.” He says that it v concerns the school staff. “We definitely want to stop these pages and get them off these social media sites, but it is a long process,” he shared.  Anaheim High School Staff has been in contact with the district regarding this situation and has also contacted their public information officer. Mr. Calleros states that “It is a very difficult process because there is a lot of outlets with social media, there are so many different avenues for kids to post pictures and to monitor that it’s pretty hard.” One crucial thing that Calleros said was that it started with just one page roaming around, which brought attention to the staff, then when more pages popped up, their concerns were raised. When students post these pictures, they are breaking a school policy. Calleros states, “When you look at our use of technology policy, they are definitely breaking that. As far as more official policies, they would have to look into it more, but taking pictures of staff and students without their permission is definitely not appropriate behavior.”

While more and more of these pages keep coming up for Anaheim High School, many students fear them. In contrast, others don’t put much importance into them. However, the staff is trying to end this situation as soon as possible.