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Nancy Cuevas

Eco friendly merchandise and Eco Now

Nancy Cuevas, Author

The owner of Eco Now is Thea Merritt. Thea founded Eco Now in 2018 to provide a resource for the Orange County Community to help people reduce unnecessary waste. At first, she began by hand-sewing single-use and plastic alternatives and offering them at the Placentia Certified Farmer’s Market.

Nikki Morgan is the Manager of Eco Now at Downtown Anaheim Picture taken by: Nancy Cuevas

Eco Now’s mission is to help consumers make sustainable choices. They educate others and provide locally sourced handmade and eco-friendly products to reduce waste.

 You can fill your container with the product of your choice and pay the difference in container weight after weighing it again. You can even bring your bottle and refill it with soap, detergent, cleaners, etc. Refilling plastic, glass, or metal containers is a better option than continually purchasing single-use containers.

Their website Eco Now’s most popular eco-friendly items are Wool Dryer Balls, Bamboo toothbrushes, dish brushes, Sisal Soap Saver Bag, Body Soap Bars, Package Free Deodorant, and Bamboo Charcoal Floss.

Nikki Morgan is the Manager of Eco Now, Anaheim. Nikki Morgan studied Environmental Science Policy at Chapman University and graduated in 2017. Previously, she was a full-time beekeeper for backyard bees, some of the products from these bees are sold at Eco Now, and that’s how she met the owner Thea and started working for her.

Nikki Morgan started working at Eco Now a month ago, but she has shopped at Eco Now ever since the owner Thea Merritt opened the store two years ago, “We are a zero waste refill station where you can either buy or bring your own container and fill it up on anything from laundry detergent to soap or anything for body and home,” says Nikki. She continued with, “Everything we have is natural, eco-friendly, and mainly focused on living a more sustainable life.”

“The store’s goal is to have a sustainable way of living, make it accessible to people in the community, show that it can be simple and effective, and help people become more connected to the environmental,” says Nikki.  She continues and explains why she chose to join Eco Now, “It fit along with my vision and what is important to me, which is sustainability, and I love that I get to talk to people and help them live more eco-friendly.”  

When it comes to the store’s staff, she says, “We have a great team that is very welcoming and understanding.” She reminds the public that “Becoming more connected to the earth and what we can do as individuals to make small differences and reduce our waste and do it in a way that is fun and interesting and beautiful.”

Eco Now advertises primarily by Instagram at, where you can check out their website in the link down below their bio, their different store addresses, tutorials, and so much more.