Día de los Muertos


Day of the Dead Altars by the Art Club

Esmeralda Lopez, Author

The day of the dead is when we Mexicans most remember our loved ones who have passed away. We remember them on November 2. It’s a holiday, unlike others where we celebrate death and life. 

Many believe they are in a better place. Although a wave of sadness approaches, so does a wave of peace and tranquility. 

On this day, people visit their loved ones at the cemetery and often take marigold flowers which are believed to bring the souls of loved ones. 

Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday where we welcome back the souls of deceased ones. It goes way back centuries, and many create what we call an altar for their loved ones. There are two types of altars: the traditional and what we call the pagan one. The tradition includes candles, rosaries, apples, photos of loved ones, marigolds, and holy water. The pagan would consist of food or things symbolizing what they liked.