How Devious is this “Devious Licks” Trend?

Joseph Garcia, English Editor-In-Chief

The ‘devious licks’ TikTok trend has cost schools across the nation thousands in property damages. As part of the trend, students engage in vandalism, stealing soap dispensers, toilet paper, and even urinals. 

Schools are now asking parents to intervene, asking them to educate their children about the consequences of vandalism. Anaheim High school is no exception to the trend as soap dispensers have been stolen alongside damages to the roofs of bathrooms. 

So far, schools have taken immediate action by suspending students while others have directly involved the police. Schools in Florida and Arizona have begun charging students who participate in the trend with criminal mischief and theft. USA Today states, “it had arrested three Tampa area students for vandalism at schools and posting exploits online.” 

Trina, a security guard at Anaheim high school, tells us her experience with the infamous trend. “I can’t believe they are destroying what they [students] would use daily; we had to close different restrooms to prevent it. As a result, it inconvenienced other students who had no part in the trend or don’t even know it exists” She refers to the bathrooms in Anaheim high school who were also vandalized as a result of the trend.

The aftermath of Anaheim High School bathrooms trashed for the trend (Andy Gutierrez)

Trina also tells us how the students involved in recording or performing the trend would be charged with theft and vandalism if they are caught. So far, no Anaheim students have been caught, but the security guards are actively looking for any videos of the damage done to our bathrooms.

Some schools are still looking for reasons why students would involve themselves with a dangerous trend. Psychologists who talked with CNN and the Washington Post suggest that a teenager’s need to fit in makes them resort to the trend. Teenagers look for affirmation and popularity, which is easy to gain by participating in the trend seen in the millions of views these Tik Tom videos garner.

So far, the trend has only amounted to damage within bathrooms and fails to increase vandalism across the school. As of now,

Schools are at odds with preventing future trends from damaging the school and are looking towards educating their students on the implications of being involved in such trends.