Masks Make a Return to Anaheim


Jane Diaz

Mr. Iñiguez’s first-period class

Jane Diaz

Anaheim lifted the mask mandate for a brief period on June 15, 2021; masks were only required for people who were not vaccinated, and those who were vaccinated were allowed to be without a mask in certain places.  

Anaheim revoked the mask lift on June 30, 2021.   Masks applied to all residents and those working in or visiting Anaheim. The lack of interest in vaccinations and people ready to leave quarantine behind and go out caused many people to get COVID, increasing cases in Anaheim and Orange County. 

Melina Moreno, a senior from Anaheim High School, was asked if she thinks the mask mandate in Anaheim should be enforced and why. She answered, “In my own opinion, I do believe the mask mandate in Anaheim should be enforced.  Because due to schools opening back up,  and many amusement parks,  and our city opening up… such as the Packing House as an amusement, we have many people in Anaheim who are not getting vaccinated because of their own beliefs or whatever is going on with their families.” She believes that enforcing the mask mandate is the safest way to go.

Yvette Camarena, a junior from Anaheim High School, was asked what she thought of Gavin Newsom’s job; she said she believes he has done the best he can.  

Another junior from Anaheim High School, Ashley Cardoso, shares her feelings about the mask mandate, “I don’t mind it. I encourage it. Vaccinated or not, I still feel like we should all wear them.”

If you are not vaccinated or have not received your second dose, you must wear a face mask indoors. The reason why vaccinated people were allowed to wear no face masks was that the cases in Anaheim had gone down, and many people decided to get vaccinated as soon as the vaccine came out.