Rushing to Anaheim High School: Club Rush


Kennay Martinez

Bros were busy presenting their club to the crowds of students looking for clubs.

Kennay Martinez, Author

Schools are back to in-person teaching, and along with that, clubs are also coming back. Club Rush was a success this past Thursday, September 9th, 2021!

Since the pandemic, students have been mostly at home and not in a school environment for a while now, so now, with clubs starting back up, will students actually be interested in joining clubs? And how will club members encourage students to join their club?

Club Rush took place during lunch in front of the pep stage at Anaheim High School and had several clubs out recruiting students, the most noticeable being Key club, BROS, G.O.L.D, GSA,  the Wrestling Club, and many more. All clubs that were out during Club Rush did wonderful at getting the word out about what their club is and what it offers. Sebastian Matta, a senior student at Anaheim High School and Trendsetter/Vice President of BROS, was out during Club Rush recruiting students into BROS.

After being asked about how they were getting students to join the club, he stated that “We have our guys with the special blue and gold jerseys to stand out.” Which is what many other students did. Some used flags, some used posters, and others used club costumes. “We have many seniors out here that have been in the club for 4 years; They know what we do and will do throughout the year, so they’ll just let the students know of what comes with joining our club.” Many club members out on campus were seniors already, so it was beneficial when letting new students know what our clubs have to offer.

The pandemic is still ongoing; It also affected the activities planned out for certain clubs this year. During the pandemic, many if not all clubs didn’t have any recruitment whatsoever. “We are trying to recruit as much as possible,” Sebastian commented. It’s safe to say all clubs took advantage of this day to fill up and recruit new club members for Anaheim High School.