Free Breakfast and Lunch at Anaheim High School this year!


Evelyn Alonso

Students can now enjoy a free lunch.

Evelyn Alonso, Author

New change coming this year, all students get free breakfast and lunch at Anaheim High School! For the 2021-2022 school year, all students will receive free lunch and breakfast regardless of whether they are qualified for free/reduced lunch. 


Should you still apply for free/reduced lunch anyway? According to Mr. Saldivar, Anaheim’s school principal, if you can, “Yes, we always recommend that you apply… There are other incentives such as being eligible for the PSAT and SAT waivers, college application fees being waived for all Cal States and UC’s, unlimited sending of their SAT scores to as many colleges as you want at no cost, and a reduced AP testing fee.” 


There are so many benefits when it comes to applying for free/reduced lunch. It is a huge financial save for family finances when it comes to your education. For example, AP tests cost $96 if bought directly from College Board, but if you apply to our free and reduced lunch program, it will only be $15 per AP test!


The school cafeteria offers breakfast from  6:45- 7:05 am for 0-period students and  7:45-8:30 am for regular students, according to our food service manager, Mrs. Teri Alvarez. She is the person in charge of ordering lunch and breakfast items and making the school menu. Her ultimate goal is to figure out and choose which items students like best. She would also like to remind students that the snack shack is another place to ask for their lunch. Her final message to us students is that “the cafeteria is excited to see students back receiving breakfast and lunch on campus.”