Tribute to Ms.Mejia

Tribute to Ms.Mejia

Emily Padilla, Editor-in-Chief

Ms.Mejia, an AP at Anaheim High School, has recently been promoted to Principal of South Jr High School; with Ms. Mejias’s hard work and dedication, she has reached new heights and will be leaving Anaheim High School. 

Mr.Preciado, a Spanish teacher at Anaheim High school, states that he has known Ms.Mejia for about 2 or 3 years. He shares his experiences working with Ms.Mejia, “Ms. Mejia is very knowledgeable, someone that I can count on to have an answer for most of the questions that I would have in my position. I also see her as very supportive of the goals that we have intended in our world language department and our school and very resourceful I think that she always has the right answer or the right people to guide you; she points you in the right direction in regards to how to solve any concerns or any questions you might have.” 

When asked about an admirable trait that pertains to Ms.Mejia, Mr.Preciado shared that it was her will to help and her knowledge that he admired because these qualities made her a great leader. Ms.Mejia was able to provide great aid to everyone around her, and with her determination to help, she was able to make a great impact on the students and staff and the school as a whole.  

As a final parting message and a message to the students of South, Mr.Preciado states, “You know what, you have a really great role model in front of you; someone that is a very hard worker, who dedicates her time to get to know her school. She will always look for what’s best for the school; she will always look for the best for the students and just everyone; best for the students, best for the teachers, best for the parents, so that is something that is really good to look forward to.”