Tribute To Mr. Villalobos


Luis Jose Garcia, Author

As the academic school year of 2020-2021 comes to an end, many seniors will be leaving the colony as this was their last year here at Anaheim High School; however, the students are not the only people who will be leaving after this year. People are quick to congratulate the students who have worked hard to make it to the end of their high school days when the end of the school year approaches, but we can’t forget about Anaheim’s hard-working teachers and staff. Some of the teachers have been at the colony for many years and are getting ready to retire. They have done so much for the school and community, and they deserve to be recognized for all they have done.

Mr. Villalobos has been a teacher for multiple years and will be retiring after this year. He taught business at Anaheim High School and has formed many relationships with other teachers and the students. In fact, I asked Mr. Villalobos what he enjoyed most about his teaching career, “More than anything was all the great relationships I have made over the years. Students have turned into life-long friends and co-workers.”

Every job comes with its ups and downs, and teaching is no exception. I asked Mr. Villalobos what he disliked about teaching, “How there is so much pressure to pass students that do not deserve to pass.” From a teacher’s perspective, it’s easy to see why Mr. Villalobos doesn’t like this aspect of teaching.  Conflict like this can be a downside in any job.

Mr. Calleros, one of our four VPs at AHS, shared his thoughts on Villalobos’ retirement, “I can say with confidence that Mr. Villalobos will truly be missed. In my experience working with him, he was always professional and a hard-working teacher. His work with our Colonist Network will be truly missed; his knowledge and dedication to his work is something to admire and emulate. I wish him nothing but the best in retirement, well deserved!” Not only did Mr. Villalobos teach business, but apart from that, he was a valuable asset to the daily Colonist News Network, and without him, the announcements would not have run as smoothly as they did.

This tribute story is to say goodbye to Mr. Villalobos and thanks to him for everything that he has done for the school as we finish the school year. From helping students who needed support to help with the school’s Colonist News Network, we can say that you will be missed at Anaheim High School, but we wish you the best of luck once you retire. You may not be at Anaheim High School after this year, but the legacy that you have created will certainly remain with all the future generations to come.