Trump Leaving The White House

Irene Sandoval

When Trump left the white house he did not participate in the inauguration like how it always is traditionally; reporters say they saw him leave in a helicopter at around 8:20 am. 

Trump tried to leave when no one saw him so he didn’t have to be part of the ceremony. He left with his wife and went to Miami reporters said they then saw them when they landed in Miami. Right before he left he talked to the reporters and said “I just want to say goodbye, but hopefully it’s not a long-term goodbye. We’ll see each other again.” them. A Lot of people thought that was very disrespectful of him to do because no one in history has ever done that before and also thought it was very childish just because he didn’t get what he wanted. He’s also not speaking on anything that happened on January 6th which he basically initiated.