Attack on capital, Insight on capitol riot (students opinion)

Irene Sandoval

This protest was very different from the protest that happened a couple of months ago. The one from a couple of months ago was called a riot and it wasn’t, it was actually a protest and the one that happened on January 6 was a riot. 

Students feel like there was no need for the people who did what they did. Students feel that in the BLM protest they were just asking and pointing out the obvious so they won’t be treated differently from the white community. Nothing like this riot because they were actually violent and the people were doing this over a president losing an election.

What they did actually prove what the BLM protest was about, having white privilege because they showed no type of remorse when they were protesting and when they were rioting in Washington DC things were much worse and riots didn’t get hurt. Students also noticed a difference in how government officials reacted to both situations in the previous BLM protest: they were firing at them, getting pepper-sprayed rubber bullets at, and more when they were not being violent. It was more about marching and getting heard. In the riot, they weren’t doing anything to the crowd and they were actually just letting them go in and even helping them. They had a totally different way of reacting to how they handled the protest and riot.