Condemning the Attack on Capitol Hill

Emily Padilla, Editor-in-Chief

The attack on Capitol that took place on January 6, 2021, left a lasting effect, threatening our democracy; Trump supporters led this attack after President Trump lost the elections in an attempt to overturn his defeat. 

Previously there have been three attacks on the Capitol. The first attack took place on August 24, 1814. British troops led this attack during the war of 1812 in retaliation for the burning of the Canadian Capital. During this attack, they burned essential rooms in the Capitol, where the Library of Congress, the supreme court, and the House of Senate was. On that same day, they burned the White House, American ships, and the navy yard. The second attack took place on March 1, 1954. During this attack, four Puerto Rico Nationalists shot and injured a few Congressmen as a way of drawing attention to their struggle for Puerto Rico’s independence. On July 24, 1998, the last attack took place when two Capitol police officers were shot and killed by an individual who suffered from mental illness. 

The attack that recently occurred sets itself apart from the previous attacks, directly threatening democracy. After President Trump claimed that there had been foul play in the elections, his supporters stormed the Capitol and committed acts of aggression and vandalism through looting and arson. During this act of “protest,” there were clear signs of aggression and danger.

However, according to the New York Times, President Trump refused to deploy troops, saying that they were unnecessary in this situation. On the other hand, during the protests that occurred after the Death of George Floyd, President Trump ordered that they deploy the 82nd Airborne Division’s elements to Washington as a protective measure. With this, we are clearly able to see how racial inequality comes into play.

The storming of the Capitol was a tragic event to witness; as a society, we should be unified in times of difficulty. This ongoing pandemic, however, has left us more divided than ever. This attack placed the lives of our Congress members in danger, destroyed, and looted national treasures. Although these aggression acts were unacceptable, there was almost no resistance from President Trump during the attack. As a result, the topic has become a source of fear and worry for many in these uncertain times.