The Powerful Stacey Abrams and Her Fight for Democracy in Georgia

Christian Reyes, Author

South of the country, Georgia’s senate seats are converting to blue due to Stacy Abrams; However, she lost the 2018 governor election for Georgia. This did not stop her from influencing Georgia to become a two-party state.

According to the Associated Press, Abrams spent many years working towards voter suppression in Georgia. To counter the gap between Republican voters and Democratic voters, Abrams worked vigorously to draw and welcome new democratic voters. According to the Associated Press, this led to the Democratic party’s control of the U.S. Senates in Georgia, where Republican Governor Brian Kemp is under immense pressure.

The state of Georgia has been under Republican favor for the last two decades, but president-elect Joe Biden was able to receive the state’s victory. According to NPR, more than 1 million African Americans casted ballots this election in Georgia. Abrams was the former minority leader of Georgia’s House of Representatives. During her time, she was creating a democratic infrastructure for the state, in which she hoped that Georgia’s time of being a Republican state would end. According to The New York Times, Abrams created two projects, the New Georgia Project and the Fair Fight, a project that was created after her loss in the 2018 governor election. The voter rights organizations were created to counter voter suppression in the state, which would ultimately be successful.

Many political figures and news sources have cited Stacey Abrams as a huge factor in Georgia turning blue. This becomes apparent, as she has been fighting for this change for almost 10 years. According to The New York Times, Abrams is expected to be running once again in 2022 for governor’s position in the state of Georgia.