Halloween During COVID19

Saidi Trujillo Gonzalez

It seems some people are still enthusiastic about celebrating Halloween this October 31st, out in our city. The people celebrating will roam the streets of Anaheim or attend other activities with caution. Others plan to celebrate Halloween more discreetly by staying home or with a small group of people, considering the pandemic. 

It seems to be, going out with a small group of friends or family is a popular idea among people. Places like haunted houses, small gatherings, or trick-or-treating are top events for teenagers to attend. Lizbeth Trujillo, a college student and resident of Anaheim, said, ¨I will be celebrating Halloween with my sister and her husband at their house. People should spend time with friends and family and make memories; however, they should be careful with outside candy and people around them.¨

Unlike in other years where the celebrating happened outside in the streets. Some people plan to watch movies that fulfill the spooky occasion, such as horror movies, as they stay home. Additional ideas could be decorating their homes, playing board games, carving pumpkins, or making Halloween themed treats. Two things that definitely won’t change this year are dressing up in a costume and eating Halloween snacks/candy late at night.

Those who want to participate in the tradition of offering candy to kids who are still trick-or-treating have the choice to set up candy outside the entrance of their homes. Doing so will decrease the chances of passing around an unwanted virus between people.

Thomas Tran, a member of the Anaheim community, agreed with the idea and voiced, ¨Encourage leaving candy in baskets outside to avoid contact.¨ 

Glessyn Medrado, another resident of Anaheim, advised, ¨We are still in the middle of a pandemic. They should leave treats outside and encourage kids only to take a few while providing sanitation before getting candy.¨