Halloween Terror and Fall Frights


Halloween Traditions- trick-o-treating, haunted house and telling scary stories. Grab your popcorn and get ready to listen to these real ghost stories in Anaheim. It all started in the season of autumn. The first story that is about to be mentioned was a few days after the night of Halloween.- A family of 5 staying in a two bedroom house, in one room the older brothers in the other the parents and the little boy. One night, a chilly one, with a moon shining bright in the dark sky lit the room of the older brother. Unfortunately the oldest brother was not home at the time. The middle child in the big room alone, already past midnight, feels a little girl talking to him. The girl squeaks the floors as walking back and forth across the window to the wall, hitting herself on the bed. Sleepwalking is what she’s doing, thinks the brother (Augustine ). “HELLO ,who are you” – as he gets no response he quickly jumps out of bed frightened and runs with his little brother. After seeing a little girl sleeping walking, it was very hard for him to sleep. Once the daylight rises the parents wake up ready for work and as they return they ask Augustine “why did you fall asleep with your brother in his bed?” With a frightened look he says “ SH-.. SHE was bothering me, She kept waking me up, never said a word she would just crash into the wall” The parents of course never believed so he thought he was crazy and it was just a dream but it happened repeatedly 3 nights in a row. As he kept waking up in the little brother’s room they got concerned. *loud knocks* All staring at the door, scared, the mom opens the door. It was just her friend but then her friend screams friendly “ omg why didn’t you ever introduce me to your daughter” As I repeat in that house, only 3 brothers 1 dad and 1 mom, no little sister. Eyes opened wide they all ran outside and said “WE DON’T

Little female child silhouette opening door into darkness, horror scene, mystic (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

HAVE A SISTER” at nights you can sometimes still see her walking past the room. Not saying a word, just sleepwalking ! – spooky isn’t it and we never heard a word from the family or the little girl as they moved away. 

        The next story takes place in a house, family of 3, Mom, Dad, and the little girl her name is Sarai. One Saturday night the parents got into an argument and the dad got sent to sleep on the couch and Sarai and her mom stayed in the parents room. A little before midnight hits the dad trying to sleep sees a black shadow of a little girl. Screaming at Sarai’s mom “ COME GET YOUR DAUGHTER SHE DOESN’T LET ME SLEEP”  the mom ignoring him, he turns over trying to ignore the little girl’s shadow. As the shadow gets closer and closer to the dark cold living room. Enrique (the dad) stands up quickly screaming “ GO WITH YOUR MOM”. Seeing that the ghost did not move or speak Enrique got more frustrated and angry. 

Hearing all the screams coming from the living room the mom rushes out her bedroom door with Sarai in her hands. The dad, delusional, confused, and scared at the same time asked “ who are you” while seeing that his daughter and wife were together in the room the whole time. As a ghost, there was no response, Enrique thinking he was crazy he asked “ can you see her” while looking at his wife and daughter, and their response was a no. The wife, still angry with him, made him stay in the living room all night while the spirit came closer and closer watching him in his sleep. Paralyzed Enrique felt as the morning rose the wife and daughter were asking questions but he could not recall what or who but he was paralyzed. – Moral of the story: don’t sleep in a cold dark living room when angry. 

   A well known park, Disneyland park, Haunted mansion seems to be one of the well decorated places for Halloween and is a well known ride but did you know that there are sounds of a crying boy a little before the exit. While riding the haunted mansion a mother decides to spread her son’s ashes in the haunted mansion without the permission of Disneyland. Many have said that this boy who cried during the ride sits nexts to those riding for company, many tourists have caught this little boy crying and riding the boat at pirates of the Caribbean with the people who had rode the haunted mansion before. Ledge has it this little boy is only seen at night and more during the fall season. Beware and listen for cries when riding the haunted mansion.