Anaheim High School Hosts their First Virtual Assembly


AE News Staff

Anaheim High School turns to the Internet to celebrate assemblies

Samantha Hernandez, Author

This school year of 2020-2021, the association of ASB at Anaheim High School hosted a virtual assembly for the first time due to the circumstances of the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19. The assembly was broadcasted on Schoology on October 1, 2020, but it failed due to technical issues. The second attempt of the assembly was successful, and it was broadcasted on October 8, 2020. 

The assembly was created by the assembly committee, which is a small group from ASB that is divided into committees. All of this was done in a month, and they worked very hard to make this a fun interactive assembly for the students of Anaheim High School.               

 The first interviewed individual was Antonio Guitierrez, a senior (12th grade) who attends Anaheim High School and is part of ASB. His role was being one of the two hosts who made the presentation. The following quote states the reasoning behind why the assembly premiered on Schoology; Antonio said,  “ We used Schoology because Google Meets and Zoom were not the best options because there were too many factors such as disruptive guests. Also, we tried to do it on Youtube, but it was less interactive with the students, and we wanted that fun interaction with the guests.” Many factors caused the first attempt to be a failure. Antonio Guitierrez shared, “ We came to the conclusion that there was a lack of wifi connection, and it lagged due to a lot of people joining.” There were changes made, which were the games, so the Kahoot game they originally planned was changed to the Guess the Disney Character Game. There were many obstacles. The following statement is what Antonio identified as the most prominent obstacle, “It was clear to us that technology was a huge obstacle, but with trial and error, we learned a lot. We, as a committee, learned that doing this assembly through Schoology was the best method, and downloading the presentation as a PDF in advance was a huge game-changer.” 


Karissa Casas is a senior (12th grader) who attends Anaheim High School and is part of ASB. The following quotes are her responses to the questions. Karissa’s role was overlooking the assembly and was there to help anyone if they had any questions. The first attempt was a failure, and this is what Karissa had to say about why that was the case, “ There were too many hosts, and it was mainly due to lack of internet connection.” and to fix the problem; Karissa said, “ There were fewer hosts, and before there were six people, it worked better with three hosts only.” The following statement is what Karissa said were the most prominent obstacles; “An obstacle was a wave of lack of motivation that came over us when the first attempt of the assembly failed. We learned to have a plan B and to have fewer people in charge, but with more work, so it doesn’t get hectic.” 


Overall, this is what occurred during the first-ever virtual assembly at Anaheim High School, along with some insight from students in ASB. Antonio would like to give Evelyn Cervantes a shoutout for being an amazing leader, and Karissa Casas would like to congratulate  Antonio Gutierrez and Jazmin Rangel for being awesome hosts.