In Loving Memory of Nomo


Ms. Gholdoian

Ms. Gholdoian poses with Nomo in a fancy hat.

Emma Delgadillo, Author

Mr.Nomo D´Balsac (aka ¨Nomo¨) first came into Linda Gholdoian’s life about four years ago. Nomo was described as a circus cat who loved to love. 

He was a Turkish Van cat. Van cats are distinctive domestic cats that can be found in the Lake Van region of Eastern Turkey they are relatively large and have a chalky white coat sometimes and have blue and or amber eyes or have heterochromia. Truly a rare one of a kind breed.

Nomo not only touched the life of Linda Gholdoian but also turned her “I dislike cats” husband, Mr. Gholdoian, into a cat lover himself. “He is a hoot! He is the best cat to reduce stress. He’s always making jokes, clowning around, or just hugging you endearingly. He’s our loveable knucklehead,” shared Ms. Linda Gholdoian. She also loved and misses her “Nomo kisses.” It is so clear the amount of love Nomo was filled with was the reason he was the light of many lives.

Nomo and Dad taking a nap. (Ms. Gholdoian) .
Ms. Gholdoian receiving “Nomo kisses”.


Ms. Gholdoian received an outpour of love from friends who absolutely loved and adored him. Even so-called “cat haters” had a special soft spot for beloved Nomo. He often made appearances on Linda’s Facebook Live and was adored by all who laid eyes on him. In Nomo’s short time here, he imprinted on countless people’s hearts.

Nomo poses in a sailor outfit (Ms. Gholdoian)

Ms. Gholdoian believes you must train and love your cats for it to reciprocate.  The precious time that she had with Nomo she learned what an amazing companion a cat can be and all the remedy it could provide when life gets you down. She could not put into words the special kind of bond she and her husband both shared with their one of kind loving knucklehead Nomo.