Anaheim Hs & The Battle vs COVID-19


Jonathan Zendejas, Reporter

During tough times, students and their families need all the help they can get. This being from something as necessary as access to food or something as deep and as personal as mental help. Anaheim High School has made it their sole mission these past few months to help their students and their families in several different ways.

Recently, Anaheim Exclusivo had a chat with Anaheim High School’s principal Mr. Saldivar and talked about the specifics of how they have been helping the students and their families during these incredibly hard times of global pandemic, COVID19. Mr. Saldivar told us that the school’s F.A.C.E.S (Family And Communication Engagement Specialist) and school community coordinator have been working heavily with several programs such as Latino Health Access, OCDE, and 211 to provide help to the students and their families. To be specific, 211 provides financial support, groceries, and mental health services amongst other things. Latino Health Access provides free COVID19 testing at our campus.  OCDE provides educational, legal, and business services just to our community.

“Our district is currently working on hiring more tutors, counselors, and social workers” Saldivar informed us. He went on to explain that he knows that during tough times mental health is a huge problem and it can really have an impact on the students academically. All in all, Mr. Saldivar, the school, and the district are doing all they can to help our students and families during the times we face now. 

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