Covid-19’s Effects on the VAPA Program


Alexander Hinojoza, Author

During these unprecedented times, life is very different. Many aspects of our world have changed. Everything is shut down.

Concerning school, it is also very different. Everything is done online through the internet. That leaves us with the question about the VAPA program. The visual and performing arts programs are among the most affected by the current situation. Since they are hands-on all the time. During normal circumstances they practice and work to perform in front of large crowds, so how are they going to work with the current situation at hand?

The VAPA (Visual and Performing Arts) programs are some of the most unique programs in the school. They include classes like band, dance, choir, and much more. However, the way they practice is very different from previous years. Although it may be possible to practice online it isn’t ideal for these programs.

In an interview with Mr. Garcia the band director at Anaheim High School and department chair of VAPA he shared,  “It’s not the best way to practice and will be challenging.” That’s because their classes are accustomed to practicing together and performing together.  He also mentioned that “Students are expected to practice on their own but there is no accountability.” Unless teachers make students turn in recordings or videos instead of just believing students practice independently. Maria Ortiz, an 11th-grade band member at Anaheim High school, expressed that she is upset at having to practice from home rather than at school. 

Adding on to that, COVID-19 will affect these programs in many other ways. The future of these programs could be in trouble if things are not resolved soon. Mr. Garcia stated, “It is as if the programs are taking a year off. We are missing a lot.” Incoming freshmen who are new to the program will be left behind since they can’t get the full experience through the computer.

At least they will not be in a financial jam. During the interview with Mr. Garcia, he stated that “The programs won’t be impacted as much as expected financially.” That is because they are not spending money on field trips, instructors. However, they will also not be raising money.

 As for the future of this year, it is uncertain if things like marching band competitions, winter performances and more will be made up if the school goes back to normal soon or completely scrapped. One certain thing is that it is a shame being in this situation where nothing is normal.