Ms. Amada Azenon-Vargas’ Message to Her Seniors.


First and for most, I want to thank all seniors for giving me the chance to help them with anything they needed. Many of you would reach out to me without hesitation and I am proud that I was part of your success and your education needs.
I want to give a special shout out to the following seniors who have received scholarly awards and their college acceptances: Omar Barba, Emma Flores, Olivia Moreno, Jonathan Valencia, Nathan Nunez, Yoana Arzate, Kithzia Munoz, Areli Barajas, Milagros Ortiz, Karyme Ayala Franco, Joseph Rocha, Miguel Pacheco, Roberto Mendoza.
I want to recognize these seniors for their achievement during these times. This time of year can be exciting for our seniors to move on to the next chapter. I want to honor these Grads in the time of such a challenging time of coronavirus. Covid-19 does not mean you have to give up on what you want in order to succeed and I think these seniors have proved that. I know that these seniors will be successful in their own way and I wish the very best for all of them