Closure: A Senior’s Take On the End of the School Year


Maegan Davis


By Maegan Davis


My memories are fading fast

But there’s one thing I know

Never had the chance to say goodbye,

Had to teach myself to grow


Want to move my tassel to the left

But i’ll never get the chance

Find my heart is filled with music

But i’m missing my last dance


Six feet apart is a big price to pay

When closure is on the line

And my childhood is butchered now

But “honestly i’m fine”


I miss the high pitch of the bell

Because suddenly time seems hidden

I never thought i’d see the day

When home turns into prison


Class of 2020 always said

That this would be our year

And just as fast as this year came

It also disappeared


I guess it’s just part of growing up

Learning life isn’t always fair

And finding new ways to move on

When your heart is stuck elsewhere


So here’s to growing up,

Getting old, and moving on

Here’s to an unknown future

Now that our high school days are gone