Art Programs at Anaheim High School

Carlos Recinos, Reporter

In high school, sports are a very important part of the culture. However, the arts are typically overshadowed by sports programs due to the mainstream exposure of sports over the years. There are plenty of art programs across the United States that go unnoticed. 

The Art Department does not just consist of drawing and painting; it also includes photography, drama, choir, and offers many more subprograms depending on the district you belong too.

Over the years, art has become much more mainstream due to the internet and influencers. Many people can find careers in art like professional photographers, graphic designers, dance instructors and much more. Even fashion is considered an art for many people across the world. 

Not all kids are incredible athletes, but many of today’s youth have other talents and hidden skills that are not given enough exposure. Art programs can give the youth some guidance on careers other than the traditional ones that we are raised to believe we have to follow.

With enough care, we as a society can produce some of the best artists of this generation. Funding is essential to every school program and there is a lack of funding in our programs.

Fernando Cavillo is a student who has been involved in both the Dance and Drama programs here at Anaheim High School. When asked for his personal experience with these programs, he stated, “Yes. I feel the arts are not properly funded at our school. Like many programs at our campus, students often have to fund for the program themselves, and sometimes it is difficult to raise enough money for shows, costumes, and other necessities. Our only way to ensure that we have enough money for next year is by selling many tickets, which is difficult because not everyone is interested in attending shows, and some just don’t have the time.”

Another question that was brought up in the interview was Do you think this District Favors sports over arts? Fernando Stated, “ I do not believe the district favors one over the other. The district has done many things for our arts programs. However, I believe the district does not seem to understand that the arts need just as many funds as sports do. For many years we have fought to convince the district into helping us fund our programs, but we never seem to reach an agreement.”