Do New Year’s Resolutions still exist?

Llerliyn Magaña

During the holidays, many people tend to forget about their diets and having healthy food portions. This leads to start gaining weight leaving their workouts and gym sessions postponed till the next year. Along with that, many tend to set goals of how much their weight loss should be and their new eating rations as “new year resolutions.” But are people still doing this? Do they really stay committed to the betterment of their health? Do New Year resolutions still exist? 

Students from Anaheim High School were surveyed questioning what their new year’s resolutions would be for 2020 and their responses were interesting. Some of the responses were getting their grades up, stop procrastinating, learn to love themselves, be more social, and get in shape to be more fit mostly of which were related to school. In a U.S News & World Report, about 80% of New Year’s resolutions made by people are failed in February which shows how many people can not stay committed to bettering themselves, following their own resolutions or simply because they are very lazy. Since many people have tried this and never seen results is that the reason why people have stopped creating resolutions for themselves? 

In an interview with Mathew Garret a junior at Anaheim High School, his response to what his new year resolutions was, “Probably nothing because I’m lazy.” Many students tend to have this type of energy and response to New Year Resolutions and it shows how much on average people have stopped doing these because of laziness. Braulio Raygoza responded, “Absolutely nothing because I don’t see a point in doing them because no one follows them and plus I don’t need to do anything.” 

 One of the most interesting responses received was, “Never ever done it before, don’t see why I’d do it now,” this introduced a new question to survey people with and showed that a variety of people have never created new year resolutions for themselves because they don’t believe in them. Apart from not believing in them, most believe that they are not needed because one can better himself on their own when they feel productive. 

Do you have New Year’s Resolutions for 2020?