From Hopeless to Limitless


Carlos Recinos, Author

It all began back in the Summer of 2010. It all started with a list that consisted of students that have dropped out, No longer attending the School District. Mr. Casas, along with a few other teachers, went door to door to recruit students to come back to school and help them complete their education. Some of the goals of ILC is to Increase the graduation rates of students Anaheim High School students, prevent students from dropping out and focus on the mental well being of the students. 

ILC runs on an independent study model. This means that the students do their courses online, but the program encourages attendance daily to maximize the support in the ILC room. Students are assigned to a teacher in batches of 36 and then assigned a counselor.  Also, every month there is an assembly to award students that have completed ten credits or more. To continue to encourage them and usually have guest speakers come in, which include authors, historical figures, Super Bowl Champions, and many more.  

There is a reason as to why students fall behind in school. Social and emotional issues are sometimes the reasons as to why students begin to fall behind in class and fail. ILC provides resources to students in need of emotional help. Therapists are available to the students Wednesday and Thursday and every other Friday. ILC deals with the social-emotional giving the students as much support as they can, Finding students’ hidden talents, skills, and helping them develop them as well. So that they can have the willpower and belief that they can complete their credits. 

Getting to know the students is an integral part of this program. Relating to students about other subjects besides school is just as important as getting them to do complete their credits. “Programs do not save people.” “People save People.”  Community Partners that help provide support to the program. In addition, having field trips that include volunteering at the farm, Auto Shop technical school, mindfulness is on Wednesday, Tuesday Engineering Class, Thursday Science labs, Friday English Classes. 

ILC is an award-winning program. Different districts from California have come to visit, for example, Los Angeles Unified, Big Bear Unified, San Diego Unified, Santa Ana Unified. These school districts came to understand how the program became so successful. It is the people that make the program so great.  ILC is set to reach its 1,000th graduate since the creation of the program. ILC is much more than a credit recovery program; It is a program that helps reform, inspires, and helps extract the true hidden potential of the students enrolled.