Anaheim High School Celebrates Talent


Maegan Davis, Author

Anaheim High School’s eagerly awaited Talent Show was an astounding success. November 22nd was a night full of tears of laughter, emotion, and amazement.

From the very moment it started, the energy in the room was flooded with anticipation and excitement. The audience was amazed by each performer. It is easy to forget how much talent we have roaming around on our campus, but this talent show was a great reminder of just how gifted our Colonists are.

An excited audience filled the auditorium. Family, friends, staff, and students alike all joined together to support our talented performers. The theme of the night was “Anaheim Tonight: Under the Stars A Talent Show,” and it truly felt like a night under the stars. The theater program did a fantastic job as they embodied characters that were parodies of well-known celebrities. Some of these hilarious characters included Shames Charles, Ariana Latte, and Post-It Malone. The theater performance added an extra element to the show that made it a big hit, but more importantly, the production carried an important message: It’s always okay to ask others for help.

The quality of the production was enchanting. The special effects were so captivating. The lighting was diverse, and it set the mood for each act. There was fog that joined some of the dancers on stage, and it enhanced their performances. But all of this would not have been possible if not for the crew of the performance. The crew works behind the scenes to make sure the production runs smoothly. They handle all the special effects, and they make sure the transitions between acts go quickly. They are the hidden heroes of the show. Christian Villa-Real is a senior at Anaheim High, and he was one of the people responsible for the fantastic effects. He said, “ I’m stagehand, I work backstage, move things on and off the stage, and I help out wherever I’m needed. My favorite part about doing this job is honestly the product that I get to show to other people, the show that I get to produce with other people, and the stuff that I get to put into it. I think it’s a great way to end my senior year.”

This night wasn’t only relevant to the audience and the crew but also the performers. It was a special night for them to finally get to show off what they have been working in for so long. This will forever be a night to remember, and it will be imprinted in their high school memories forever. Valeria Lopez is a talented singer here at Anaheim. At the talent show, she played guitar and sang “No me Queda mas” by Selena. She said, “My grandpa came from Mexico, and I knew he was coming, so I wanted to sing this song for him.”

This night was a magical night for everyone involved. It was a real pleasure to be able to attend the show and experience the magic alongside everybody else. There was a lot of work put into this show, and it did not go unnoticed or unappreciated. The talent show was such a pleasant reminder that we have so much talent here at the colony that goes unnoticed, and it was an excellent opportunity to appreciate it.