Should the MLB Be Worried?

Adrian Flores, Author


This 2019 year, the MLB has seen a decrease in attendance once again over these last few years. So far this year, the MLB has seen over one million empty seats. The highest amount of tickets sold in a season was in 2007, with 79,502,524 ticket sales. After that year the ticket sales per season started to drop and this year has been the lowest amount of ticket sales per game since 2003. 

This year the MLB has seen the total attendance dip below 70 million, although this year has been a great season. This 2019 season 6,770 long balls were hit, more than 600 long balls than the previous season, and with 15 teams setting new individual records. Considering that more baseballs were making it to the stands, fewer fans were there in the stadiums trying to catch the baseballs. 

With the low attendance rate in stadiums, 18 MLB teams have now started to introduce a subscription option that costs $30 each month. The subscription might not create as much profit, but it was meant to make more people attend the stadium. Most of the fans buying the subscription are the teens, and the mid-to-late ’20s represent the largest group buyer for the ballpark pass. Fans do not purchase traditional tickets to get into the most popular games. Fans buy the subscription because it gives them access to all the home games and a fan’s standing room. The subscription pass will provide you with access to seats and give you the option to buy more. The subscription also offers discounts to the buyers, such as discounts to merchandise and parking.

I asked Alvaro Zavala about his opinion on the MLB, and he said,” in my, opinion MLB is a great sport to play. Still, if you were you to watch it every season, it would start to become dull because you will begin to see that the same teams make it to the finals, and it becomes repetitive.” I then asked Randy Velasquez if he believes that the MLB is declining in a favorite sport for fans.” In my honest opinion, I think that MLB is decreasing, but I do believe that it will rise in views after more people start to realize how good other teams are doing. You might support your home team, and that’s good, but you have to give props to the other MLB teams that are setting new records even though they are not the team you support.”

Mlb teams have had a low attendance rate, but they still have many fans that support them and have a high attendance rate even though it has not been the best as other previous years. The Mlb teams would have to keep their ticket prices at the same amount they have now and not raise the price to keep people wanting to buy tickets to attend to their favorite team games. People will start to realize how good the teams are doing and start to get interested in MLB again and possibly get more ticket sales per game.   




Another Year Of Declining Attendance: How Worried Should MLB Be?