Students Unhappy About the Organization for the PSAT


Jacob Sanchez, Author

Both sophomores and juniors here at Anaheim Highschool were left sour after the events that had unfolded after the PSAT exam. Students had received a note informing them of their testing location and where they were supposed to meet up. 

When students arrived at their respective rooms, much to their surprise, there were no seats available. How could staff have miscalculated and created such overcrowded classrooms? The “extra” students were then escorted by Anaheim staff to the library, where they would be given yet another location to go too. However, the new sites didn’t work out either, and the students made another stressful trek to the College and Career Center. 

Two hours had gone by, and a significant chunk of students had yet to take the exam, much less even receive proper seating.  This resulted in students becoming more anxious and uneasy about the test due to the limited time. 

Sovereign Howlader, a junior at AHS, stated, “I feel that how the PSAT was organized this year was very poor because some students had to wait 2 hours. Also, for the students that did not have to wait 2 hours, they did not get to have the real experience because it was done in one go. They did not stop us and pencils down. It was worse for the students that had to wait 2 hours because they were under the stress that they might not even be able to take the test. Overall, it was disappointing, and I heard a lot of complaints about it.” 

Similarly, Juan Dircio commented, “Well, I feel really disappointed and embarrassed because this is such a big test that will help us in our future, and it is very terrible on how they organized it. I feel bad for the teachers and the students.”

It seems this year may have been a bust. Maybe next year, the PSAT will be a little more organized.