The Cafeteria Staff and The Hard Work They Put Out


Roberto Sandoval

Cafeteria staff wants students to know about the pride that goes into the work they do.

Roberto Sandoval , Author

Anaheim High School tries to be a place where students can feel like they have what they need in order to feel satisfied. Whether it has to do with providing them with supplies, moral support, or food,  Anaheim High is a place that prioritizes their students. The cafeteria ladies play a big role in making the food for the school.

AE News interviewed the cafeteria ladies regarding the process of working in a school cafeteria and learn more about the food students consume. 

Teresa Alvarez stated, “It gives us pride to be able to have choices for students to eat.” Yolanda Escoto then added, “It’s an easy job to serve lunches for students when you enjoy what you’re doing.”

AE News wanted to know regarding the food produced. We asked the ladies if the food provided for the students has changed throughout the year.  Is it healthier than lunches in the past? Teresa Alvarez answered this by saying, “Yes, it’s 51% cold meat in the bread items, and we have a nutritionist that follows the standards for school nutrition that we also have to follow. There is less fat in the lunches. Our venders reformulate items to make them healthier.”  

Teresa added, “Students can have an entry of two fruits, two vegetables, and milk, they can pick up a juice and a fruit cup and carrots. There’s lots of healthy varieties for students when picking their lunch.”

Cafeteria staff making the food

AE News wanted to know if it was overwhelming to make lunches for over 3,000 students daily. While they all nodded yes, Teresa Alvarez and Gin Espinoza had something to say. “It’s a very fast pace in the kitchen.” -Gin Espinoza. “Yes, our employees work a lot to produce on sight heated items, we don’t always have all packaged items, we cook up the food as well. For example the patties, we try to produce them and make them fresh for you guys.” -Teresa Alvarez. 

One of the last things they wanted to share was how hard they work for the students at Anaheim High School. “All of us working here enjoy helping all of you and knowing we make a difference for all of you guys by providing lunch. It’s nice being able to talk to you guys and asking you how your days were.”- Teresa Alvarez. 


In other words, the staff at Anaheim High are what keeps the school going. They make things possible for students and a great example of this is our cafeteria ladies. They put the students first and work very hard so they can consume the food they need.