Anaheim’s Crushing Defeat Against Western


Jonathan Zendejas, Author

September 13th was a day that Anaheim High School football fans did not see coming. As fans were ecstatic to find out whether Anaheim would finally take home the bell from Western, they were stunned by the final result. Anaheim High School faced a crushing defeat against Western High School at Handel Stadium at 7 pm, losing the game with a score of 49-0. Fans were left speechless as to how this could happen. The question on everyone’s mind that night after the game was, “Is this season going to be worse than last year?”

As it was getting close to kickoff time, the Colonists appeared to be prepared to take on the beast of Western High School. Some say that the match was like a real David vs Goliath; however, in this case, David did not come out victorious. Within the first 5 minutes after kickoff, the colonists appeared to be off to a rough start losing around 12-0. Fans’ hopes were still going strong, hoping the colonists could come back from this rough start, but things only got worse as time went on. By the end of  the first quarter the score was 32-0, it was surreal, the colonists didn’t appear to stand a chance. 

Clayton Hoxworth an AHS student commented, “I was pretty dissapointed, I’d expect more from a team that says they practice every day and acts like they deserve all of the recognition.” Another student who wished to remain anonymous said this “I think that we could’ve have done better and we went in a little too gentle in the beginning,” he continues,  “It looked as if some of our players weren’t giving it their all.” Many felt the same way as these students, when watching the players and the game. Not only was Western a tough opponent, but some AHS players weren’t giving it their all. 

By the end of the 2nd quarter rather than the Colonists closing the gap on Western’s massive 32-0 lead; Western just widened the gap even more by ending the second quarter with a score 42-0. Western had scored a pick 6 off a play action play pass from Fabian Gutierrez making it 39-0. Soon after their pick 6, Western scored a field goal to finish the first half 42-0. Not only were the Colonists struggling to get points on the board but were also struggling to get the ball moving. It appeared to be an impossible task to simply get the ball 10 yards to get the first down.

Once halftime ended, fans were hoping for some sort of miracle.  Sadly the miracle everyone was hoping for was short lived. Western kept their pressure on the Colonists by preventing any points from being scored;however, they also failed to extend their lead. As time was winding down on the clock, the Colonists threw for another pick six to Western and ended the game losing to western 49-0.

It was a rough night for the Colonists but another great night for Western High School’s football team.