Bill SB 206 Here to Save the Day for Struggling Student Athletes.


Carlos Recinos, Author

September 9th, 2019. In California, a bill by the name of SB 206 was passed. This bill will allow college athletes to earn money from the use of their likenesses, names, and images. 

NBA Superstar Lebron James has publicly voiced his opinion via Twitter stating, “Everyone is California- call your politicians and tell them to support SB 206! This law is a GAME CHANGER. College athletes can responsibly get paid for what they do and the billions they create.” 

 The NCAA pushed back the bill with the concerns of it “killing amateur athletics.” Also, the NCAA claimed, “It will Erase the distinction between college and professional athletics and give other universities unfair advantages.” College Athletes cannot wear certain athletic brands, promote their social media, and accept payment of any form. 

College Athletics has been a staple in American Culture for over one hundred years. It has given birth to many outstanding professional careers like Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Odell Beckham Jr, and many others. However, over the past few months, there has been controversy about whether or not College Athletes should be paid.

 Although College athletics is the most common stepping stone to professional sports leagues. Many of these college athletes will not make it to the professional level. The NCAA stands for the National Collegiate Athletic Association, It has made over a billion dollars in 2017 and none of that was given to the athletes that play sports. 

Surviving as a college athlete is a very hard thing to do. With a large commitment to the sport, they are involved in, and also maintaining their grades to stay in the University, focusing on these two tasks will leave little to no time for a job. Most College Athletes have to rely on meal plans that are included with their scholarships. Paying College Athletes can help remove the stress of having to worry about their next meal, Having enough to put gas in their car, and many other miscellaneous items. If players are given a fraction of what they earn for the University, many of these financial problems will cease to exist.