The Beginning to the End: The Back to School Dance

Maegan Davis, Reporter

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The new school year is rushing to a start, bringing the beginning of the end for incoming Seniors. On August 23rd, the class of 2020 got to kick off an amazing new school year with an equally amazing back to the school dance.

The Socratic Circle was alive on Friday night. Music was pumping through the air, smiles and laughter were dancing across everyone’s faces, and the seniors were taking in every joyful moment. A lot of Seniors had greeted the new school year with stress and worry, but it was as though the dance had wiped all of their worries away. “Honestly, the beginning of my senior year felt really weird for me. It was a different feeling that I never really got with the rest of the years. I feel young when I’m not prioritizing anything because I have no responsibilities to be bothering me. I recommend that people should get out of their comfort zones and do things that they’re kinda skeptical about because they feel freer when they do something fun but kinda nerve-wracking.” – Ace Manley, 12th grader. 

Starting senior year can, of course, be nerve-wracking but there is no better way to shake off the stress than to literally shake it off. The Back to School Dance was full of people trying to dance away their problems. Feet were moving to the beat and arms were waving in the air. You could hear voices singing along loudly to their favorite tunes. Overall, there was an immense feeling of cheer and positive energy. “ This year is really amazing and I’m looking forward to all the senior events.” – Makayla Perez, 12th grader.

This was the senior’s last Back to School Dance before they graduate in 2020, but for the underclassmen, the dance was only a sneak peek of the fun that is to come. One of the many positive outcomes of the dance is that Seniors had a chance to bond with the underclassmen and pass on the torch. “I love this dance! I love the music! I see a lot of freshmen came by. It makes me proud of the next generation.” – Joseph Pham, 12 grader.

The back to school dance came to a close that night at 6, but it was not a sad occasion for the Seniors, on the contrary, it was an amazing way to start such a highly anticipated school year. It was a perfect beginning to the end.