Thank You Ms. Gholdolian


Dear Mrs. Gholdolian,

              I want to say that you are the best teacher on the earth, is not only me who thinks you are the best there many people that think that. I will never get tired of your class because it is the most mature class in the school and helps me become mature even though my grade doesn’t show that am being a mature and responsible kid I still love that class. From now to my future you will be part of my life and my past because a teacher like you is too hard to find. Teachers don’t know how to handle me 🙂 but you try so hard. Also, you are the hardest worker and funny. You make me laugh so much, you have a great personality.

Fun fact that they let me write this letter on the Chromebook because I knew that you were not going to understand my writing:(.

Thank you for everything that you have shown me in this year of having me in your class, I think that all you have shown me is going to help me in my future.  




Jesus Ortuno