Thank You Ms. King


Jatzybe Lopez, Guest Contributor

Dear Ms.King,

Thank you for all your time and effort you put into teaching. Over the course of my freshman year, you have helped shape me into a better writer and a better person. Thank you for taking an interest in all of your students, and caring for them personally, not only as students. You have helped me in more ways than I can write about. Without knowing, the interest you share for your students helped me with a lot of problems I had. I remember at the beginning of this year, my writing was centered on being angry and sad. After re-reading my past writings, I saw that you helped me out of that stage of my life and steered me into topics I was happily writing about. When you take the time out of class to talk to us and help us reflect on our mistakes, many take it as a mean move, but I thank you for setting me straight and helping me grow more and more every day. You have helped me find things I am now passionate about and would like to be part of when I am older. You helped me take more interest in my future and the steps I need to take to reach my future goals.  All the strategies you taught me to benefit me every day without me even realizing it. My writing pieces in my other classes have the strategies you taught me. I can’t write something without using the strategy you taught me, and I thank you for that. You have become one of the teachers I most value and trust. You are loving and kind, and always put others before yourself. You are a great example to all your students including me. Thank you for making my freshman year a great one. I look forward to sharing next year with you. You are a fantastic teacher and I wouldn’t ever want a different English teacher!


Jatzybe Lopez 🙂