Thank You Mr. Castelli


Alexis Lopez, Reporter

Dear Mr. Castelli,

Thank you for all the support throughout my three years in Cross Country and Track and Field. It was really fun getting to meet new people by being a part of the team. Who knew that Cross Country can be so interesting, and it is just running. My journey for Cross Country and then Track and Field were unexpected. For Cross Country, I was just a clueless sophomore that could barely run a seven-minute mile. Then when you told me this year as a senior that I was going to be the 7th man to run at CIF, it made me really happy because all that hard work paid off and I got the chance to run with the best runners in Southern California. Then for Track and Field, I would have never expected to jump 6 feet for the high jump and land a spot at CIF, as well as getting my first medals at League Finals. You would always take care of every athlete that would be competing with you, even if it means having to spend your own money. You are such a great coach and the future of Cross Country and Track and Field are in good hands. I am proud of getting the chance to compete for Varsity my three years competing with you, and thank you for everything!



Alexis Lopez