Thank You Mrs. Miceli


Wendy Medina, Reporter

Dear Mrs. Miceli,

I want to start off with thank you for making your Ap Environmental Science class an enjoyable and entertaining experience. I’m extremely honored that I had you for a teacher. Not just me but many students enjoy your energy and humor you brought to the class. As well, I thank you for making me care about the environment, and teaching us about the environmental destruction we have caused upon the earth. Your class made me more aware of the plastic impact and the carbon footprint we give out. Every day I think about how I can be environmentally friendly. Even though you gave us a great amount of homework, it helps us understand the topic, and thankfully pass the ap test. Having you last year, was one best time in my junior year. Overall you are one of the few teacher and class I enjoyed having your class. Thank you for being you and a queen.


Wendy Medina