Joseph Garcia, Guest Contributor

Dear Mr. Towne,

Thank you for being an amazing teacher with a good sense of humor and being able to teach your students to persevere when it comes to learning physics. Your ability to share your knowledge of physics is outstanding and I feel like this year of physics has been very educational for me since I view ordinary daily scenarios differently now. When my classmates and I were struggling to understand a concept or had questions about something relating to physics, you were there to help us understand something we thought was impossible to learn and compress it into a problem that would take us little to no time to understand. It is quite rare to find a teacher that is both comedic and serious which can be able to teach a class that is guaranteed to reach success. I have heard that physics can be a very difficult subject to understand because of how complicated it can become and from what I had heard from previous students, but with a teacher that is as incredible as you are, it seems that although the road can get bumpy, you will be there to guide us to gain a better education. Never change the comedic and serious teacher that you are no matter what others may tell you and continue to inspire your students to become masters at physics like how you have mastered it.


Joseph Garcia