Thank You Mr. Camero


Victoria Mejia, Guest Contributor

Dear Mr. Camero,

I wanted to thank you for all you have done. You are always there to put a smile on everyone’s face. You are also always there to make us laugh and enjoy your class. I wanted to thank you for all the great advice you have given me because I really do take it into consideration even if I don’t apply it here at school at home I do. I wanted to say thanks and that I appreciate you a lot for just always being there to listen and teach the class and help us in any way possible. You are an amazing teacher filled with so much joy and love for what you do. Whenever I feel low and I get to 3rd period my mood always changes because you are cracking jokes and playing your music and just having fun and that makes me smile and have a good time too. You are a tough man, you got cancer and came back as if nothing happened, just kicking butt doing the best you could do. Thanks for everything that you have done for me and the class.




Victoria Mejia