Swastika Symbol Found on Anaheim HS Water Fountain


Sahar Alfatlawi, Public Relations Officer and Reporter

On March 7, Anaheim HS students encounter a Nazi swastika symbol duke tapped to their purified water fountain located in the campus new buildings. The campus was left in a heated debate as students discussed whether or not this act was harmful.

Lesly Tavarez, a senior at AHS, calls the culprit “disgusting” and the act uncalled for. “Millions died because of the people behind this symbol and this act of anti-semitism is unacceptable on our campus.” The same day this symbol was discovered, Anaheim HS was participating in Unity Week and Tavarez doubts that this was a coincidence.

Sherine Zaragoza, a junior at AHS, agrees with Tavarez that this was an “offensive” act however, to her, this was a form of dark humor. “This seems like something an Anaheim kid might do for a laugh.” but Zaragoza emphasizes that there is a “time and place” for dark humor and this went “too far.” However, some students disagree and find this “joke” funny instead of offensive.

Luis Garcia, a senior at AHS, states that “this joke does not affect Anaheim students personally.” However, Garcia does mention that although this was just a “joke” this is considered vandalism and he is in support of suspension but to advise students not to take it seriously because “there’s a less likely chance the culprit is anti-semitic.” Anaheim staff did inform students of the consequences on Colonist News Network and emphasized the disrespect of the symbol.


Should consequences be implemented towards the culprit or was this just dark humor? Comment down your opinions in the comment section below.